When do you need a TechArk?

One of the questions that comes up regularly is:  what kind of projects are appropriate for TechArk?

So, here’s a handy little diagram, perhaps even a logo, to keep that in mind.

20161007-techark-compassrose-transparentHave you ever…

  1. Needed  Internet innovations to take hold so your business could advance?
    • E.g., IPv6, better security mechanisms
  2. Had all the right answers for your customers, but needed support from another vertical?
    • E.g., vendors, ancillary markets
  3. Discovered after the fact that you had the same issue or question as others but didn’t know it and couldn’t find strength in numbers?
    • E.g., needing a particular feature in a router

It does start with a business need on the part of you, your organization, or the industry as a whole.  The Internet is largely operated by private interests, so we no longer wait for  “philanthropic deployment”, no matter how awesome the idea.    Given that, something that can help with the types of problem listed above is: a neutral platform for discussions with cross-industry involvement, driving discussions to determine how we can collaboratively achieve better Internetworking.

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