OSS and You: love it, hate it? never gave it serious thought?

(This was previously posted on https://possie.techark.org)

As software becomes increasingly important in the world of network operations, Open Source Software is also gaining more attention. But, network engineers are typically focused on, well, networks, not software. While network operators may want OSS tools, they don’t always get involved in its development.

As I outlined in my lightning talk at NANOG in June (video, slides), that seems unfortunate — it would be good to ensure that network operators are engaged in ensuring the tools they get are the ones they need. So, I’ve put together a survey to try to better understand the “friction points”: what works, or doesn’t work, for network operators in the realm of OSS.

I’d love to gather your input in this survey! Follow the link below and make your survey contribution. I’ll be summarizing the input and sharing the results, so that we can all get a better perspective on what’s driving network operators with respect to OSS.

Operators and Open Source: tell us!

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