Too often,  deployment of new and needed technologies can languish because they require a concerted effort across independent networks that span international borders.   The right people in one company might know the right people in another, but there’s no way to iron out the details on how to move forward, or find other willing partners to engage in deployment and (re)development.

Cross-industry collaboration has important precedents, but it is rarely completely spontaneous:  there is no “magic wand” for Internet technology deployment.   The intention for TechArk is to cultivate it where and when needed, empowering individual organizations to make the Internet better.


TechArk is a “centre for the creative development of the Internet” (CCDI).   Its work is to advance the Internet’s technology development and deployment through leadership and targeted activities coordinating action of interested Internet stakeholders.

TechArk is not a formal organization, at this time. It is a second-generation formulation of an approach to tackling hard Internet problems, organized by Thinking Cat Enterprises LLC.