NOMA: Static snapshot and nexts

A while back, I wrote a guest blog for APNIC on the topic of the first results from the NOMA pilot work with RIPE NCC’s Atlas framework.

I concluded: “Nevertheless, while these results are pretty preliminary, they do highlight the value of the in-network perspective on IPv4 and IPv6 performance, and motivate further study. For instance, it seems the performance of IPv6 is better when measuring to a “near” target. One hypothesis is that performance improvement is because transit networks are not as friendly to IPv6 traffic as access networks. Other hypotheses are also possible, and only testing will tell.”

In a world where IPv6 and IPv4 network connectivity and routing are very clearly not symmetric, that testing could be really valuable, if for no other reasons than to show progress with IPv6 deployment, salute the networks that have made the progress, and help identify issues remaining.

A network operator perspective on IPv6 performance | APNIC Blog

A network operator perspective on IPv6 performance | APNIC Blog

Guest Post: The Network Operator Measurement Activity (NOMA) platform explores the possibility of making use of data within constituent networks for Internet health metrics measurements.



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